SKIPAC®  concept was developed by the architect  and passionate cross-country and alpine skiier Sofia Johansson winter 2011 Oslo, Norway.

The idea to the first product SKIPAC NORDIC( SKIPAC ADVANCED) came after having transported my skis to and from the ski tracks without a ski cover. After the season I noted that much of the grip wax was left on my car seats, gloves and jacket. I looked for a small ski cover to fullfill the purpose. I did not want an ordinary ski cover, because many days I walked or took the tram to the tracks, and what should I do with a big ski cover while skiing? Since I did not find it I decided to creat my own.

The first and patented edition of SKIPAC NORDIC was released only a little more than one year after the initial idea. Since then SKIPAC®  has developed to a concept delivering a range of products to fullfill the goal on creating efficient carrier and watersystems. The product concept is launched by PAC InventionTM

SKIPAC™- wrap it up!