SKIPAC backpack

Expandable backpack & waterbag combined!

SKIPAC backpack is a unique expandable hydration backpack with a diverse areas of application. It was designed for carrying rollerskis poles and skiboots but it is also a popular bag for yogamats and light randoneeskis.

Technical data:

  • Expandable size
  • Have an opening for placing an hydrationbag or bottle up to 3 L
  • Can be used as hipbelt when folded in its smallest size. The straps are then connected to the bag like a cross.
  • Fabric+ mesh in nylon.
  • Weight 380gr
  • Reflex on print and details.
  • Waterproof innerpocket for mobile.


Fits most rollerskis and boots. Poles and rollerskiis are put in the large pocket. Boots in the small pocket together with the waterbottle/bladder. Keys/mobile/cards are put in the waterproof innerpocket. Helmet is fixed to the bag with the straps.


The yogamat and your towel are put in the large pocket. Your other belongings are put in the small pockets. Your mobile/keys /card are put in the waterproof innerpocket.


If you are XC skiing -racing/training you can use the backpack as a hydrationpack og a hydration belt. Fold the backpack to its smallest size and depending on the way you put the straps you can vary the use between a backpack and a hipbelt.

If you are skitouring you can use the large pocket to put an insulationsheet og reindeerfur

If you are hikeing with skiis you can put them on the backpack in 2 ways. Attach your skiis together with a strap of your choise . The skiis needs to be fixed strongly together with this one befor you put it into the bag. The first way to put your skiis to the backpack is between the small pocket and the backmesh, and the other way is to put it through the outside strings. In both ways you need an extra strap and fix the position by connecting the skiis to the double folded strap on the top of the bag to fix the skiis to a specific position. 

kr 670.00